Lucky Diaz - Oh Lucky Day!

Lucky Diaz, Oh Lucky Day!

And The Song Goes
When you're young
You are daddy's little girl
And your room feels like outer space
But you're a star traveling on from place to place

Mother Nature has finally relented her iron fist of cold weather upon us and brought sunny, warm weather to Wisconsin. By pure coincidence, I received the perfect soundtrack to summer, via the band Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band. Their first full-length album “Oh Lucky Day!” is a sunny, bouncy album of pure joy.

It took awhile for me to listen to the entire album. My daughter loved the first song Say What? so much that every time it finished, she would scream “Again!” My morning commutes lately have consisted of hearing a song that is 1:37 in length, at least 10+ times in a row.  Amazingly, I didn’t get annoyed by it at all. Nor did I need coffee once I arrived to the office. ‘Say What?’ is a barn burner of an opening track.

Oh Lucky Day!” is filled with great songs about Vacation “Oh oh are we there yet? Mommy needs a time out!”, or the ABC is the place to B “You gotta cross the bridge to Q To get to R destination” or Smiling which is a fun twist on several childhood staples Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty and others. Track after track, the album gets better with each song.

I promise you, your eyes will get a little wet when hearing the lyrics to Light Beams “When you're young, you think you know it all, and the world bows to your command, You may be queen, but you're still a little girl to me”

This album is full of so many special moments about parent-child relationships, I can’t write about them all. You simply need to experience them for yourself. (Perhaps a Father’s Day gift for dad?) 

One lucky person will be able to enjoy this album for free. Just leave a comment below with your favorite summer song. I’ll pick a winner on June 7th. So get in your comments now!

For those not lucky enough to win, you can buy a copy here or iTunes or Amazon.

Track List

1. Say What?
2. Like Never Before
3. Smiling
4. Pretty Princess
5. Light Beams
6. ABC Is The Place To B
7. Vacation
8. Here Comes The Sun
9. Quite Like You
10. Race Car
11. Gato Astronauto
12. Let's Dance
13. Dreamland

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