My leg is not broken

Your Name: Rachel Schickowski
Children: Oliver
Work: Marketing
Favorite part of being a mom: Revisiting childhood things I love, watching my son discover new things, snuggles, hearing “mama” and the anticipation of all that’s to come. 
Little known fact: I was born with Arthrogryposis and need crutches to walk. More info at
Famous for:  Surviving two years with little freedom – imagine not being able to go out with your kids alone

Shopping Cart Victories

Trader Joes, Rachel Schickowski

Using crutches, I have never been able to push a shopping cart...  

I buy what I can carry, yep a bag of chips and a yogurt max...or I can attempt to carry the basket but the metal ones get heavy really fast since I need to hold my crutch too. There are days when this really stinks.

I love Target's red bags. I can bring my bag with me and purchase way more than I use to by myself. Since you can pretty much blow $100 at Target by just peeking in the door, I'm not sure if this "red bag" is always a good thing. However, the additional independence is amazing.

I had a new discovery last night.  Trader Joe's makes tiny carts for the kids.  My son LOVED racing around the store and it was amazing to fill it up as we went along. We were able to do our own grocery shopping! *Happy Dance* I typically use PeaPod for groceries but now I can also shop at Trader Joe's if I need things in a pinch.   

Small victories such as this always make me smile. Cheers to you finding some today too. 

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