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Name: Amy Nixon
Children: Daughter, 3
Work: editor of metroparent west magazine, 30West magazine, specialty publications and design editor at Lake Country Publications
Favorite part of being a mom: Snuggle time is the best part of my day!
Least favorite part of being a mom: Accepting the fact that my house is never really going to be neat and tidy again.
Little known fact: I've been almost 6 feet tall since the 5th grade.

Some things will never change

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I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJs were talking about the things about women that will never change.

Things that made the list included the following:

1. Women will never stop talking, especially when in groups.

2. Women will never stop going to the restroom together.

3. Women will never stop needing to be right, even when they are wrong.

4. Women will never stop finding things to be insecure about when it comes to their own appearance.

The woman DJ was explaining that most of these things won't change because women are balancing and juggling a lot and need to talk things out with their girlfriends.

I think she has a point. As moms, we're all trying to balance our careers, our kids, our families, our volunteer obligations, our homes and our friends, and yes, even ourselves.

I'm starting to feel slightly panicked myself lately. I swear, Avery's appointments all come at once. She will have these lulls of a few weeks or more with nothing, and then BAM. We've got parent teacher conferences, an IEP meeting, a planned overnight hospital stay and another doctor appointment in Madison. Not to mention that her birthday is a month away and I've got a party to plan! Meanwhile, I'm looking at my work calendar and wondering to myself: Can I really make all this happen?

Well, the honest answer is Yes. Everything will get done. Avery will get to her appointments. I will still get my job done. The house will survive, even if it goes uncleaned for a week or two.

So why do I still feel stressed?

Case in point, I'll feel less stressed after I write this blog - it is, after all, a way of online talking. And I'll feel even better after chatting with my girlfriend later this week. 

Some things in life probably won't change - like my stress level! But that's OK as long as I can talk it out!

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