Tales of a Square Peg

Name: Rochelle Fritsch
Kids: One daughter
Favorite thing about being a mom: Telling my daughter stories about Grandma Gee Gee and stuff that happened when I was a little girl, teaching my daughter important life lessons (manners) and watching her apply them
Least favorite thing about being a mom: Teaching my daughter important life lessons (bad choices lead to bad consequences) by being the "Enforcer"
Famous for: Being a karaoke queen and snorting when I laugh

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Encouragement in the City of Milwaukee

Community, MKE, Milwaukee

When I saw the headlines about the incident at Sherman Park earlier this week, I cringed. Even more than that, as soon as I heard the newscaster introduce the piece, I changed the channel. Between daily reports of local shootings, turmoil in foreign lands, terrorists, the neverending presidential election, it was just too much.

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Defining Freedom: Kids and July Fourth

Seems like we can’t go without a day of wondering How do I talk to my kid(s) about ______________? [insert Race, Shootings, Radicalism and now Brexit, here. Honestly, up until a few days ago, I though Brexit was a new kind of scone you ate with clotted cream.]

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When You Transition from a SAHP to a JATTWP (Juggling All The Things Including Work Parent)

#TimeOffWork, #WorkingParents

It’s been three months since I landed a new job; and I’m sharing this my experience for parents who are finding themselves in a position to hop back into the workforce – willingly or by necessity. In a nutshell: It can be done. It might be a little more challenging. Just think about what you’re jumping into before you jump.

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Action - A Natural Response to Storytelling

#ListenToYourMother, #LTYM, #LTYM #Community, ParentingNetwork

My last post was brimming with excitement about Milwaukee’s Listen To Your Mother Show auditions and encouraged everyone to come out and tell their story.

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Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee - Are You In?

#LTYM, #LTYM #Community, #ListenToYourMother

I'm excited to share some big news of which you can be a part:

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