Do a grouch a favor


Who doesn't get a little cranky from time to time? Grab one of these books from your local library to turn your little grouch's mood around.


Cheer Up, Mouse!

by Jed Henry (Ages 3-6)

Mouse's friends try to cheer him up by doing things they love to do. They hop, swing and leap, but Mouse doesn't feel better until one friend thinks of the perfect thing everyone needs when they're feeling down.


Grumpy Goat 

by Brett Helquist (Ages 4-7)

On Sunny Acres farm, the animals want to play with Grumpy Goat, but he doesn't want their friendship. When he discovers a "flower,"; Grumpy Goat's mood begins to change and friendships begin to blossom.


Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great 

by Bob Shea (Ages 4-8)

Everything Unicorn does is amazing and Goat feels overshadowed. Can these two become friends? Told with comical illustrations and hilarious wit, readers will laugh out loud.



by Linda Ashman; pictures by Christian Robinson (Ages 4-8)

This delightful story of a grumpy old man and his froggy-clad neighbor is sure to brighten any rainy day. In few words, this story tells of how anyone can overcome a grumpy mood.



Crankee Doodle 

by Tom Angleberger; pictures by Cece Bell (Ages 4–8)

Yankee Doodle? Try Crankee Doodle! Fans of the classic song will love the play on words and readers of all ages can relate to being in a bad mood.


My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood 

by Tameka Fryer Brown; illustrated by Shane Evans (Ages 4-8)

Follow the different moods of Jamie as he describes the differently colored ways he feels throughout the day. Find out how his green mood turns to black after being teased.



Barry's Best Buddy

by Renee French (Ages 5-8)

After Barry is interrupted from his nap by best buddy Polarhog, he is not too happy to follow his friend around. Will Polarhog's surprise turn Barry's mood around?


Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm 

by Megan McDonald (Ages 6-9)

Join our favorite "moody" friend on a new adventure with her lucky penny. Everything is going her way until she drops it into the toilet! Ewwwww!!!!


Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures

by Kate DiCamillo; illustrated by K.G. Campbell (Ages 8-13)

DiCamillo brings a cynical comic-loving girl and a flying squirrel together in an unexpected tale of friendship and superheroes.

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