The idea-sharing site, Pinterest, can cause many moms to feel inadequate.

The stress of Pinterest

Metroparent 'MomLogic' blogger, Alexandra Rosas, found herself craving bacon-wrapped anything after a brief relationship with Pinterest, a site she still flirts with occassionally.

"The world of Pinterest, where we forget who we are and tell ourselves we can do things like wisp our own bangs or bling our own jeans. Our eyes say yes yes yes, but time and life make it no no no," Rosas writes in her latest post on

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest can be addictive, no? And, for the most part, the idea-sharing site lends itself to creative, sometimes simple ideas to implement in the home.

But in a 2013 survey conducted by TODAY, 42 percent of the 7,000 moms surveyed, said that surfing Pinterest made them feel depressed and inadequate.

“It tricks you into thinking that everyone is baking their own bread,” Jenna Andersen, 28, a Palo Alto, Calif., mom of two, photographer and blogger behind the hilarious site Pinterest Fail, told TODAY. “Pinterest is largely a site of unrealized dreams.”

How do you feel about Pinterest? Greatest waste of time? A great resource? Does it make you feel inadequate?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Facebook.

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