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Metroparent wins more awards for 2012 design and editorial!

The Parenting Media Association awarded Metroparent for outstanding achievements in 2012, including a design award and an editorial award:

GOLD AWARD; Metroparent (WI) “September 2012 Cover, Joy Vertz, Rebecca Christman, Shailah Handy
"Every detail in this photograph is meticulously chosen. The paints, the tray, the wooden boards and the overalls all say “artist.” The child has a dreamy expression, like he’s thinking about his creativity. His eyes also lead to the nameplate. The simplicity and thoughtfulness make this a strong cover."

Column: Reviews
SILVER AWARD: Metroparent (WI)  “Kid-Tested,” Amanda Robison
"A creative idea for a review column, executed with great skill by the writer. The interplay between the graphics and the writing brings the review to life, and leaves the reader with actionable information."

FINALIST: Metroparent (WI); Editor's Note: Rebecca Christman, editor
"With a great sense of humor about the serious issues in life, the column takes us to important destinations inside Metroparent. The unexpected twist and the columnist’s brevity make this a must read."

Previous wins include:
Front Cover/Newsprint: Original Photo
Bronze: Metroparent (WI), “October 2010 cover,” Joy Vertz, photographer; Lori Boche, creative director; Rebecca Christman, editor
The photograph fits the lead story, and the high angle makes for a clean background. The colors are complementary, and the simple typography allows attention to go to the photograph.

Publisher’s/Editor’s Note
March 2010, December 2009
Bronze: Metroparent (WI); Rebecca Christman, author and editor, Amanda Robison, assistant editor
Succinct and straight to the point, clear writing and a specific roadmap to the inside of the issue are the hallmarks of these editor’s notes. Personal insights are delivered in a sensitive, thoughtful way.

Reviews March 2010, April 2010
Silver: Metroparent (WI); Robert Bundy, columnist; Rebecca Christman, editor, Amanda Robison, assistant editor
Like a snappy tune, these music reviews offer parents a way to quickly scope out the latest in kids music offerings. With writing that mirrors the rhythm of its subject matter, this column is a service journalism winner.

Travel Feature
Gold: Metroparent (WI); “Saving in St. Louis,” Robert Bundy, writer, Rebecca Christman, editor, Amanda Robison, assistant editor.
This engaging piece delivers on its headline by highlighting great deals in St. Louis, painting vivid pictures of the attractions and whetting the reader’s appetite for novel cuisine. Best line: “if Willy Wonka had a museum, this is what it would look like. Go.”

Special Series Coping Part I, Coping Part II
Gold: Metroparent (WI), Rebecca Christman, Editor; Amanda Robison, assistant editor and author; Lori Boche, creative director
A gripping series that tackles tough, tough issues in ways that lead to reflection and contemplation rather than a sense of futility. The writing is strong throughout, as is the sense of hope.

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  1. Congratulations everyone!!

    HardlyHannah Mar 07, 2011 1:43 PM

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